ST Services Smart Solutions

LBS ST leverages on our team's expertise and IoT technologies, providing integrated smart solutions that cater every needs of our client.


From campus to shopping mall, LBS could provide tailor-made intelligent rodent control management solution. You may allocate human resources more effectively and improve management efficiency.

Rats have always been the vector of virus transmission in harming people’s health. There are different kinds of rodent control products in the market, but most of them can only solving the problem palliatively, for example, after capturing a rat in a traditional mouse trap, the fluid of the mouse remains would splash and pollute the environment.

Rodent Control Management
  Devices      - Rodent Detection Sensor
   - Smart Rodent Trap
   - Monitoring System
   - Additional: Bait Box
  Function      - Recording rodent activity range and hotspots
   - Auto-report status of the rodent trap (Caught / Missed / Ready)
   - Monitoring numerous data and device status
  Features      - Find out rodent infestation source, find the right antidote
   - Allocate hygiene expert to clean up and reset the rodent trap
   - Find out the most effective rodent bait through big data analysis, enhance the catch rate.


Run out of toilet paper? Hand-sanitizer? Liquid soap? LBS Smart Sanitation supplies will send reminder to our hygiene expert to replenish automatically before empty.

The sensor installed in the container will transmit collected data to the cloud server for processing and analysis, optimizing the human resource arrangement of cleaning work, and maintaining the cleanliness of the public space.

Service Included:
   - Rubbish bin level monitoring
   - Liquid soup level monitoring
   - Hand sanitizer level monitoring
   - Consumption of toilet paper monitoring


The unpleasant odour will not only cause us immediate discomfort, but also the toxic ingredients will endanger our health unknowingly. Therefore, LBS provides air purifying and monitoring devices to prevent toxic ingredients from accumulating.

LBS smart air quality sensor can detect most common harmful components in the air, and manage the sensor data through monitoring portal, so that managers can find out leakage problems early and prevent large amount of gas from accumulating.

Detectable components included:
   - Marsh Gas (H2S)
   - PM2.5 particulates
   - Ammonia
   - CO2


Water is a valuable resource most closely related to our lives. LBS provide various sensors to ensure different types of water resources are matching the standard, protecting users’ health.

Water quality monitoring    - 24/7 Monitoring the quality of the water to prevent bacterial growth.
U-pipe monitoring    - Sending notification when there is no water store in U-pipe to prevent spreading of virus.
Water leakage monitoring    - Sending notification when water is detected to prevent property damage.